Look out, Deland!

There’s a lot I could say here as far as introductions, but I’m going to skip all that today and get right to the good stuff.

We are beyond excited to announce that our financing has been approved and Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company is officially opening!

Yes, you heard me. PHBC is going to be opening in 2014.

One more time, in case you don’t believe me.

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company is a thing. The thing. All the things.

With that said, there are some details to be attended to:

What can you expect from us (outside of continuing to be pretty cool guys who make beer)?

  • Construction starting on or around March 1st with hope to open our doors early Summer 2014.

  • A 15-barrel system to ensure that you will always have the chance to stop downtown for a pint or three.

  • A 2400 square-foot taproom located on Georgia Avenue in downtown Deland that will feature the best beers, beards, and bartenders in Volusia County.

  • Hopes to reassess titles and name ourselves best East of the Mississippi by 2025.

  • Local distribution so you can find us in some of your favorite restaurants and bars in the area.

As we begin this next, amazing phase in the life of the brewery, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has had our beer. If you’ve seen us at a tasting, or know us from town, or been to one of our brew days, or like us on Facebook—it doesn’t matter, your support has helped us tremendously in being able to live out this dream.  If you didn’t like our beers, we wouldn’t be here. But we are, because of y’all, so thank you.

Please, keep coming out and seeing us and drinking our beer. We’ll be at the Deland Craft Beer Fest on 2/8 with a ton of good stuff to try.

Tell your friends. Tell your moms. Tell your friends’ moms.

PS - Check out the photos of our space below! (Click to scroll)


- Sam and the Hollow Boys