An Excerpt from "Three Florida IPAs for your weekend"

A big thank you to Frank Carnevale at The Orlando Sentinel for the Great Article featuring Beach Hippie IPA!

Persimmon Hollow Beach Hippie IPA 

Persimmon Hollow’s Beach Hippie IPA goes in a slightly different direction: this beer is much more straightforward and, described as a East Coast style IPA, has a more bit more balance of malts and hops than most West Coast-style IPAs. But this beer doesn’t shy away from hops and delivers a bitter bite with a full body. It’s a direct and tasty IPA with a nice amber body which carries a foamy, lacy head. It drinks easy with malt and caramel in the beginning sips. Its name evokes warmer days, making it a perfect beer for “an evening on the porch...or the hottest beach day," says Persimmon Hollow. The beer has an ABV of 7.1 percent and a mid-range bitterness (51.7 IBU).

Persimmon Hollow is in Deland and has been opened since 2014. They started canning and distributing their beer around the state last year.

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