Pints n' Paws 2016 Sanford, FL

Weather and Dogs and Beer and Food Trucks and Good Times. I don't think that is a proper sentence but that describes PHBC's day at this year's Pints n' Paws in Sanford, FL.

As I am loading the car to head out this is what my weather app shows me.

That wasn't a very comforting image to see as your way to a beer festival! But none the less I braced for a nice wet day of sampling our beer and headed out to Sanford.

Swag and can display setup for the start of the festival.

Swag and can display setup for the start of the festival.

But as the weather here in Florida is famous for, that ugly image would turn out not to be as bad as expected. In fact it only rained lightly for a little bit at the beginning of the festival and that was it!

While the weather for the day may have discouraged some, many chose to gear up, grab the dog(s) and come try some great beer. Our Co-founder/ Ring Leader Robbie brought his Golden Retriever Kennedy to help work the booth. She was decked out in a PHBC shirt and pink scarf. 

We had a nice spot among all the Wayne Densch brands out in front of West End Trading Co. We got to see a lot of people that know and visit the brewery regularly and we got to meet many new faces who now have an added reason to come check out DeLand and our taproom. There was plenty of PHBC love and we saw lots of smiles and puppy dogs having a great day.

You are never quite sure what you might get to see at this festival... like driving Pugs for instance.

Pugs driving down the street in a pink Jeep!?

Pugs driving down the street in a pink Jeep!?

Pints n' Paws is a craft beer fest that you bring your pet to. 100% of the proceeds from the event benefit local pet rescue & spay/neuter organizations. It's hosted by The West End Trading Co. and Celery City Craft. Their website is here: 

Thank you to Wayne Densch Distributing for having our beer out here for the festival and supporting the PHBC brand year round in this area.

Drink Sensibly, But Get Weird! - Justin C.

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