Construction Update #6

With opening day crawling closer and closer, more things are (obviously) being done in the tap room. This week, the biggest addition is not really for the tap room, but they're still very important to us. KEGS! Glorious kegs to fill with sweet, sweet beer. And hoppy beer. Maybe some bitter beer. Whatever type of beer it is, those kegs will soon enough be filled with our beer.

Hooray beer.

Outside of that, the bar top is moving along and the bathrooms have been painted!

Those are the updates on construction but what's most important right now is our Kickstarter campaign which, as of this blog, is sitting just over $13,000 with THREE  days to go. In order to get any of the money, the project needs to be fully funded, so we need your help!

If you can come out tonight to Abbey Bar in DeLand, we'll be pouring samples and taking donations for the campaign. (Free beer with your donation? Do go on...) We'll also be taking over some of Abbey's trivia categories for chances to win PHBC swag.

So if you can, come on down! And now, construction photos.