Welcome to the Hollow: Community Spotlight 1 - GusGus the Fun Bus

Over the past two years or so, countless individuals have, in some way, shape, or form, contributed to making sure we kept going. These people, many of y'all, have come out to tastings, bought merch, interacted on social media, visited us while we brewed, or any number of other things. All of this has not gone by unnoticed.  Really. 

Every week, starting today, we're going to have a new piece on the blog, Community Spotlight, where we'll look at some individuals, businesses, anything or anyone that has been in favor of us doing this thing. 

This week, we're highlighting the fact that community isn't always confined to geographical limitations. A few months ago, before construction even started, we got a message on Facebook from someone named GusGus the Fun Bus, from St. Louis.



He'd seen us on social media, his son lived in our area, and he wanted to see us succeed. This was awesome. We'd just gotten shirts and stickers, so our brand hadn't made it all that far yet, but here was someone from halfway across the country, interested in us!

It was an odd, yet awesome moment. Like when you find a fifty dollar bill in the laundry. And then spending it on beer. Anyway.

GusGus--real name Mike--told us he'd be down visiting his son soon and wanted to bring us some beer from St. Louis that we couldn't get down here.

One night a couple of week's later, Mike and his son joined us for our weekly Sketti dinner, bringing along a number of different tasty potables from the middle of the country. This act of great kindness was more than thoroughly enjoyed.

Since then, Mike and Gus Gus the Fun Bus--his limousine service that specializes in going to awesome places like wineries, breweries, and doughnut shops--has endlessly supported us on social media, helping to get our name out to all his fans, from St. Louis to Port St. Lucie.

(We're not sure if he has fans in PSL, but it seemed like a good way to end that sentence.)


For all of that, Mike, we thank you.


Come back next week for a new community spotlight of someone or someones doing awesome things in our area!


[Mike's cause, other than beer, is beating cancer. He recently completed a relay for life walk in memory of his brother. If you like beating cancer, too, consider donating to his campaign!


Or check out the Bus on facebook to see all of his fun adventures  https://www.facebook.com/GusGusFunBus]