Construction Update #5: Workin' Hard for the Beer

Y'all have seen as we've put up walls and installed vessels (such a noble word, vessels). And you've watched as we installed a bar and bathrooms. Construction is moving right along as we inch closer and closer to opening day. But something very important has been missing this entire time.

Like, this thing is so important it is kind of why we exist.

Guessed what it is yet?

BEER. (Awesome monogrammed matching bowling shirts is also an acceptable answer.)

This week we've taken steps to rectifying that problem. As you can see below, we've installed our 1-barrel brewing system this week. Highly mobile and with the potential to brew 31 gallons of awesome per batch, our 1bbl system will function as a place to test and experiment down the line. That being said, we still need beer before that happens. Lots of beer, actually. So, before the big boys are up and running (and if you act now, you have the chance to NAME of of those big boys ALMOST ANYTHING YOU WANT by donating to our Kickstarter campaign!) we will be brewing batches of the beers you know and love on our little 1 barrel.  My apologies for the poorer photo quality. We were all busy working and these were snapped off with my phone.



Also, it may not be chilly in there yet, but our cooler is in!  Those pictures will go up in the next batch.


Speaking of coolers, I know where I'll be for 8 months out of the year...