What do you do on #Hollowday?

When we in the Hollow see someone wearing one of our shirts around town, or when we see a sticker of ours, we get giddy. There are no two ways about it. Being able to see a sign for something that we've dedicated countless hours of time to over the past couple of years feels amazing, which is why we love (absolutely and utterly) when our fans send us pictures rocking PHBC shirts, stickers, shades and anything else that they've gotten from us.

Recently, a PHBC fan decided to snap some pretty neat photos of our sticker that he brought with him while traveling Europe. Needless to say, it's really freakin' cool.

Thanks, Alex B for the wonderful pictures and for thinking of PHBC while on #Hollowday.

And remember, if you've been photographed while rocking some PHBC gear, we want to see it! Use the hashtag on Facebook or Twitter and show us how you relax on Hollowday!